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This is an indispensable guide to assist taxpayers in understanding the Malaysian tax system. It uses a number of practical examples to guide taxpayers in planning and computing tax, and provides an excellent overview of the system.

This 3rd Edition incorporates the provisions of the Finance Act 2005, which gazzeted the Budget 2006 proposals.

Key topics: Employment, PCB deductions, employers’ responsibilities, business income and expenses, capital allowances, rental, interest, dividends and other non-business income, reliefs and rebates, exempt income, withholding taxes, administration, Self-Assessment System, tax audit, Real Property Gains Tax, types of business entity, tax planning ideas, procedures and guidelines, IRB’s Public Rulings, tax computations, tax diary, tax payment codes and procedures.

Article: Tax Audit

Article: Deduction of Cost of Acquisition of Trademarks and Advertising Expenditure on Malaysian Brand Name

Article: Employer's Tax Responsibilities

Director General's Public Rulings

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