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15/04/2010 Revised Filing Programme for 2010Additional information on 2010 filing programme

15/3/2010 Services subject to service tax

28/02/2010 Real Property Gains Tax Guidelines

19/04/2009 Third Addendum to Public Ruling No. 2/2004: Benefits-In-Kind on 17 April 2009 - Tax exemption on certain benefits-in-kind received by an employee pursuant to his employment.

16/03/2009 Form E - Downloads

11/03/2009 Second Economic Stimulus Package

15/02/2009 Public Ruling 3/2005 - Living Accommodation Benefit Provided for the Employee by the Employer- Amendment

09/02/2009 YA 2008 Personal Reliefs 

09/02/2009 2009 Tax Returns Filing Programme

24/01/2009 Payment of Bonus and Directors' Fees from 2009

   24/01/2009 Updates: Form E, 2009 Filing Programme, PCB Calculator

15/01/2009 PCB

15/01/2009 Form E

25/12/2008 Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!!

25/12/2008 Exempted Allowances, BIK and Perquisites

24/12/2008 New STD rules - News Report

23/11/2008 Operational Guidelines

23/11/2008 Public Ruling 3/2008 - Entertainment Expnses issued on 22/10/2008 superseding Public Ruling 3/2004 issued on 8/11/2004 and Addendum 3/2004 issued on 23/08/2007. This new Public Ruling takes effect from year of assessment 2008.

27/10/2008 Payment of commisson to non-resident


25/10/2008 Year End Tax Tips 2008

02/10/2008 Tax Incentive for Production of Halal Food

28/09/2008  Tax Facts- Gifts of Computers and Broadband Subscription Fees Paid by Employers

26/09/2008 Tax Facts - Relief for the Purchase of Sports Equipment

29/08/2008 Budget 2009 - Speech, Summary and Finance Bill 2009

29/08/2008 Budget 2009 Live Webcast

30/07/2008 Business Expenses

10/07/2008 IRB collected RM716.1 million in penalty payments last year

10/07/2008 Tax Allowable Expenses

18/06/2008 Tax Risk Management 1/2 day workshop on 2/8/2008

02/05/2008 New Public Ruling issued

02/05/2008 Amendment to Public Ruling 5/2004 - Double Deduction Incentive on Research Expenditure

02/05/2008 Form BE in Chinese (For reference ONLY)

13/04/2008 New Public Ruling Issued

04/04/2008 10 ways to reduce your tax bill

15/02/2008 IRB has granted the following concessions for companies:

(a) No requirement to file statement under section 45(1)(a)(i) of Finance Act 2007 (ACT 683)

(b) Extension of time up to 29 February 2008 to file in statement required under section 45(1)(b) of Finance Act 2007 (ACT 683)

30/01/2008Revised Losses and CA b/f Guidelines

22/01/2008 Amendment to Public Ruling 2/2005 22/01/2008 New Dividend Voucher format issued by IRB

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IRB distrubuting YA 2007 return forms.

The Inland Revenue Board recently issued 4 Public Rulings Addendums.

Last updated: 22-Jan-2007

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