Psion 3 and Palm OS software

This page contains software I have written for the SIBO and Palm platforms.

Psion 3

All software in this section is FREEWARE.  IrObex3 adds new "beaming" capabilities to the platform on devices supporting IR. TcpIp is a small TcpIp stack written in assembler that eMail-It uses to communicate over the Internet. Other OPL programs may be developed using this stack. eMail-It is an incredibly small email package with powerful features. Hexview was written by Konstantin Saliy and has been updated with his permission.
Adds IrDA IrOBEX capabilities to the Psion 3x.
Final release. TcpIp now freeware.
 Hexview v2.0
Updated version of Hexview which contains a disassembler.
 VAG OBD-II Tool v1.0
Contact me for details


Palm OS

Most of my projects have been Plug-Ins for SmartListToGo (aka ThinkDB).

I recently ported the OBD2 part of my VAG OBD-II car diagnostic tool written in 2007 for the SIBO platform. VAG is a protocol used to diagnose VolkswaganAudiGroup vehicles and OnBoardDiagnostics is a protocol for almost all vehicles made after 1996. The OBD2 Scanner program currently supports ISO-9141, not KWP2000, CAN, PWM, nor VPW. A special "interface" cable is required to connect the Palm serial port to the vehicle. The ISO-9141 interface needed for this program is of a level converter type (vs an ELM based interface) and the one I built was based on this schematic. If you already use Palm VAD Mobile, then OBD2 Scanner should work with their cable(s).

  • OBD2 Scanner
OBD2 Scanner v0.8
Released Dec 2008. Supports ISO-9141 only

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