With our limousine service you will save money: in business class the price per kilometer is at least 0.20 CHF cheaper than the official Zurich taxi fare. For a trip from A to B in business class, we charge a basic rate of 6 CHF plus 3.60 CHF per kilometer. In first class the basic rate is 8 CHF and the kilometer price 4.80 CHF. Additional waiting time - first 15 minutes are included - will be charged at 60 CHF per hour.

We offer hourly, half-day and daily packages for tours (round trip). Frequent customers benefit from attractive discounts.
In business class the hourly rate is 100 CHF and in first class 130 CHF. These rates include 25 kilometers.*

The half-day rate (4 hours in the morning or in the afternoon) is 360 CHF in business class and 480 CHF in first class. This rates include 100 kilometers.*
The full-day rate (9 hours incl. 1 hour break) is 680 CHF in business class and 890 CHF in first class. This rates include 200 kilometers.*

*For extra kilometers will be charged 1.80 CHF in business class and 2.40 CHF in first class.

For longer assignments, we will gladly make you an individually tailored offer. Please call us or send an e-mail.

We accept all major bank and credit cards.  Payment is also possible by invoice and via PayPal.