Jredd's Poetry

Peer Into My Soul 

 What Good?  By: Trevin Hughes

What good comes from war?

We've been down that road before.

The government lied,

The innocent died.

And  all that pride has no side anymore.


Who's in my command?

What guides fate's intangible hand? 

How can  I love,

Any force from above?

Who's origin of which no-man understands .


They say we use 10% of our brains.

Most thoughts seem to stream on 2-sided plains.

  Think ouside that, and your labled insane. 

 Is it God, science, or more that remains?

There's a world that I see,

Beyond reality.

Where time is bent telepathicaly.

Sonicly we,

Paint what we see

A differnt color for every key.

Everyone is linked musically.

In this world, we all are free.


Speaking is now obsolete.

 All thoughts exact, and complete. 

There's no reason to compete.

All for one, and life is sweet .


Too bad for us this is not so.

But if it were, how far  we'd go!

The possibilites could ever-grow.

 But I'm just a man, so what would I know?

Infinite Possibilites

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