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 Hope of a Hero 

  Here is an collection of unreleased tracks from when I did not have a computer. I had a Sega Saturn with a rare game called Dezeamon (it was a game in which you could edit the level and sprite design of a selection of programmable spaceship shooter games. In this game, you could also make your own music :)! I recorded them onto VCR tapes which were eventually rendered into mp3 format. I was about 13-16 at the time I made these, and even though they are short and are bad recordings with lo-fi samples,  they are still  pretty catchy tunes  (so bare with me :)!   Trevin01.mp3    Trevin02.mp3   Trevin03.mp3   Trevin05.mp3  ____________________________________________________        Ragemixfinal.mp3  Turtles1.mp3   MushroomMaddness.mp3