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Interview with Randy Kent

Randy Kent has directed, written and produced an arsenal of short films, webisodes, TV commercials and features. His feature film work includes Life, Death & Mini-Golf, starring SNL’s Kristen Wiig, The Lempke Brothers, Life of Lemon and the horror anthology The Perfect House. His short film, Timmy the BagBoy, is an award winning festival hit that played throughout the United States, along with schools across the country of India. With three feature films currently in post-production and one in pre-production, this award winning director continues to push boundaries with his off-the-cuff sense of humor, style and his keen eye for taking stories from the written page to the screen. Kent spoke with scream-queen and writer Zombie Kitten for Mystic Skull about his past and present film work.

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Interview with Steve Hudgins

Big Biting Pig Productions was founded by Steve Hudgins. Hudgins is a writer, director, producer and actor who is originally from Chicago, but has made his home in Western Kentucky for several years now. Hudgins spoke with scream-queen and writer Zombie Kitten for Mystic Skull about his projects and independent filmmaking:  The World Premiere of our latest release, Hell Is Full, is on June 26th at Byrnes Auditorium in Madisonville, KY. If you're reading this prior to June 26th, you can get information on the premiere at our website. If you're reading this after June 26th, you can buy the DVD at our website: We are also in pre-production for our next movie The Creepy Doll which will be released in summer of 2011.

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Interview with Ted V. Mikels

Ted V. Mikels is an American auteur, a filmmaker who produces, writes, directs and even stars in his own films. Best know for The Corpse Grinders and The Astro-Zombies, one of the all-too-few films to star the marvelous Tura Satana, Mikels has long been an inspiration to independent filmmmakers. Mikels spoke with author Matt Sanborn for Mystic Skull about current and past projects:

Well, sixty years ago, I spent ten years making about ten movies for no-one to see but myself. Like Fool’s Prosperity, Compelled, A Tall Tale, Yellow Roses, Dream Man, The Black Sheep, etc. I felt I needed to make these movies to be used as my self-teaching tools, BEFORE I made my first movie for the world to see. Years later, I felt ready to offer my first theatrical feature Strike Me Deadly, which movie started several actors on their movie careers (Janine Riley from Petticoat Junction, etc.) and enjoyed theatrical, international, and television release.

Then seven years after that, and several theatrical movies I created, all 35mm, I made The Astro Zombies. Needless to say, absolutely EVERY movie you make leaves you with new experiences to utilize in your "next" movie. The procedure NEVER STOPS, you always learn.

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