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Interview with Rob Sacchetto
By Jedediah Smith

You always knew your friends and neighbors were just zombies waiting to happen. Artist Rob Sacchetto wants to help them get that way a little faster. In this interview, Rob describes his influences and his special love for Canada’s prime minister…

Mystic Skull: First, how and when did the initial idea develop to do these portraits?

Rob Sacchetto: I did a ‘Know Your Zombies’ poster, which is available on our website, kind of for fun, just around last Halloween. It was just after I had completed a commission for a client who wanted a regular portrait of his two small children. I think that there was some overlap… that is to say I perhaps started the zombie poster before finishing the portrait or vice versa. I guess my brain was in a weird place at that point and I thought why not make this fun and combine the two, and there it was.