MysticAngel's DC Page

Hi! Welcome to my DC Lists! I am mysticangel on DC and DC Forums. Here you will find basically what i collect and breeding list info for Dragon Cave. Feel free to check it out. Just a few things to consider:
1. For Tinsels or Shimmers I will breed upon request if NOBODY is on the list (5th Gen and above) and the list is OPEN.
2. I will breed upon request for free any of my dragons(with the above considerations for tins/shims) EXCEPT CB Metallics AND those with "Mystique" or "Angelus" on their names (these are my personal dragons)
3. I swap ALL my shimmers / Tinsels for SAME GEN or LOWER only. PM Me to get for this so i can put you in my list
4. I'm pretty much easy to talk to. I don't bite and I DO ACCEPT IOUs if we can work out a deal.
5. I make good with the IOUs i make with people. I have done quite a number of trades with forum traders already.

All that said, maybe drop me line if you find something you fancy :)

You can also request for any breeding-related concerns in DC Forum Thread Breeding and Gifting