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Incinerox (DragonGod) was the first member to join, and is the leader of Mysterious Map Marvels. He lives in Hong Kong, China and was one of the founders of Mysterious Map Marvels. Incinerox enjoys swimming and, of course, playing Zoo Tycoon 2. He has been a highly active member of the Zoo Tycoon community for over 2 years, since discovering Zoo Admin, and since joining Zoo Tycoon Volcano on the 29th of January, 2007.



GrimpyNZ was the third member to join. He was on the island of Maui, Hawaii, but moved to New Zealand. He originally had only Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection, and in July 2006 his mother bought him Zoo Tycoon 2: African Adventures thinking he had Zoo Tycoon 2. Eventually his mother bought him Zoo Tycoon 2. Looking for new downloads, he stumbled upon the Zoo Tycoon 2 Community in July of 2006.



Trexroar was the fourth member to join. This dinosaur expert takes up residents in New York, United States of America. He enjoys playing video games, watching Television, playing sports, and of course, playing Zoo Tycoon 2. He's been an active member in the Zoo Tycoon community since early February 2007. At his local zoo, he gives guests tours around the zoo. On the tours, he also shows them things which his boss calls "biofacts", which are a combination of biology and artifacts, like skulls, furs, and fossils. For the little kids, he occasionally puts on puppet shows and sets up arts and crafts for them, with his friends.


Fennec Nichov

Fennec Nichov was the fifth member to join Mysterious Map Marvels. Having helped Mysterious Map Marvels members in the past by finding information and giving ideas, he was invited to join. Fennec Nichov is often found on the computer posting on the many forums he has joined, as well as play Zoo Tycoon 2.




Golden Lemur Man




JVM is the one of the newest member of Mysterious Map Marvels. First joining the community back in fall of 2002 after purchasing the original Zoo Tycoon. Later when Zoo Tycoon 2 came out, he bought it opening day and quickly began trying to learn to make animals - he finally mastered it a year later and has been designing on-and-off ever since. His specialty is coding new animals, although he is capable of skinning and sometimes meshing. He lives in Illinois, USA.  



An unofficial member to the team, Burnt_Gecko (formerly known as Angilas44 and Velociraptor44) is a former ZT2 Skinner and professional reptile breeder from Orlando, Florida.  Burnt_Gecko is in charge of taking pictures of animals in-game for MMM as well as maintaining the site, so if you see a few new things popping up now and then, more than likely Burnt_Gecko is the one tinkering with things.


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