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 Mysterious Map Mavels' long anticipated expansion Zoo Tycoon 2: Cretaceous Calamity has been cancelled. "Due to complications arising from the leaking of unfinished content, the team has decided it is best to let the pack rest." said JVM, a member of the team. "We are saddened to have to make this decision, but we no longer see reason to continue the pack."

The pack was leaked during the summer of 2009 by former members of the team and since then has spread, with much criticism arising from it. According to the team, "The content leaked was completely unfinished and only work-in-progress. The work was never ready for release and is very unfair for unfinished work to be criticized."

In addition, many current and former individuals from the team - notables including Zooa Uchiha and Incinerox - were flamed as well, one post comparing their work to be Black Rhino Ranger, ( notorious designer among the community) in a negative tone.

As a result of this, Zoo Tycoon 2: Cretaceous Calamity has been cancelled until further notice.  However, users should take important note that the Mysterious Map Marvels team is NOT disbanding, contrary to popular belief  - the team is still together and is currently on a brief break before uniting on a new project.