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ZooMaster was the tenth member to join Mysterious Map Marvels. He lives in the United States of America, in the state of Michigan. He found out about the large community of Zoo Tycoon fans when he visited the Official Zoo Tycoon Forum and joined Zoo Admin. He also joined Zoo Tycoon Volcano, but only occasionally visited making the next site he found, Zoo Tycoon Gold, his home. When that site closed its doors, he moved back to Zoo Tycoon Volcano. Within a matter of months, he soon became a mod there and was a well known member. After meeting Simba and becoming close friends, he got more excited about the Mysterious Map Marvel's expansion and premium pack. Soon after, Simba recommended him to join the MMM, and after Zooasaurus vouched for him too, he was accepted. His job on the Mysterious Map Marvels team was Manager, "Officializer," and Website Warden.

ZooMaster left the group on August 15, 2008 due to a severe problem with some of the members of the group.


Simba was the eighth member to join Mysterious Map Marvels. He lives in India, so is usually on at late night, or early morning for most of the other members of the team. He joined the Zoo Tycoon Community in October 2005, when he first joined Zoo Admin. He started off skinning and coding right away and later in 2006 he was perhaps the second person to figure out the art of meshing! Ever since he bought Zoo Tycoon 2, his main aim was to create animals and especially, having fine experience with Adobe Photoshop and 3DSMax, to mesh animals and he succeeded in it. Not long before, he was invited to join Mysterious Map Marvels and in September 2007, he became a part of the team. His job on the Mysterious Map Marvels team was Animal Mesher and Skinner.

Simba left along with ZooMaster