The Government  of Sweden

Power to the poeple

 Sweden is a constitutional monarchy with legislative power vested in the single-chamber 349-member Riksdag (Parliament) which is directly elected for four-year term. A Prime Minister and Cabinet are drawn from the largest party or coalition of parties. The major parties are Socialdemokraterna, ,Moderaterna, ,Centerpartiet, Folkpartiet, Vänsterpartiet , Miljöpartiet and Kristdemokraterna .

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Head of State: King Carl XVI  since 1973.


Head of Government: Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt since Sep 2006 from  Moderaterna. The majority is held by his party and their allians with Folkpartiet, Centerpartiet and Kristdemokraterna.

The main Church Group is the
Church of Sweden (Evangelical Lutheran), separated from the state in January 2000. There are other christian denominations and it´s just for you to look for them in your city.


Immigration & Visas

The immigration website migrationsverket  is very explicit on the key aspects  and legibility on your stay here. It´s also in Swedish and English. It´s also an informative website and you can access all other telephone numbers of immigration offices around Sweden. There is nothing I can say that is not well and better explained on that website. Visit the English version at migrationsverket-english


Swedish is the official language. You can visit the Language page to learn more. Lapp is spoken by some group of population in the north. English is widely spoken in Sweden and taught as the first foreign language from the age of eight.


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