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Good to know these in Sweden


The Emergency Number for all services is 112. This number is for the whole of Sweden. The operator will connect you to the  desired service 24 hours a day. It´s always good to know this number , have it in your mobile and know it offhand  for security reasons.


Phone, post, internet  and other services

Telephone Country code is : 0046. Outgoing international code: 00 plus country code number. There are three types of payphones: they take cash, phonecards or credit cards. Credit card phones (indicated by a ‘CCC’ sign) are widely available. Phonecards can be bought from shops, kiosks for making international calls. They are many different types. Some are good for calling Africa and other developing countries while others are very good only when you call a European line. I think you can ask the sales man to give you some details of what is good to use to where.

Mobile telephone:GSM 2G and 3G  networks are available. Main network providers include: Telia ,Telenor, Comviq, Tre, Tele2  and coverage is available across most of the country.


Main Internet Service Providers include Telia, Spray,comhem,tele2, bredbandbolaget etc. Internet cafes exist in all of the main urban areas and in public libraries . For cable TV  I recommend Comhem,Canal digital, viasat  and Tele 2.

Personally I use comhem for Cable tv, internet and fixed home line and comviq for my mobile telephone. I will advice you to check the prices of services or seek advice from someone you know who has been here for a long time. Most of these companies have packages and tend to provide all the services of fixed telephone, internet and cable tv.


Post boxes are yellow and time for pick up is written on the boxes. Stamps and aerogrammes are on sale at most bookstalls like "Pressbyrån" and "tobaksaffärer". Airmail within Europe takes three to four days, a  two to three weeks to Cameroon and other African countries .

Address change

If you want to change your address you can use the services of Addressändring (address change). It will you cost about 350kr. They will carry out the address change for you and make sure that you get your mails to your new address. You can go directly to the  tax office and change your address and inform the the major services  attached to you of your new address.

Yellow pages

You can search for any service from the government, municipal council(kommun) private companies , address and location. Its is delivered at home with every new version that is printed  and its called Eniro (Gula sidorna). You can also use this website Hitta to search for what you want accross Sweden.

World clock and Sweden.

Sweden Time: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October). Check time in Sweden in worldtimeserver   for current time  in case you are confused.

The weekly issue (Kalendar)

Swedes always talk in terms of weeks and are sometimes more specific wih dates when that week comes. You need to understand the week issue and get an understanding of it so that you do not missunderstand or miss important appiontments. Usaually all Swedes have dairies with well noted weeks and you may like to get one. If you want to understand the week issue buy a pocket dairy (kalender) from  a local store or book shop.


Public Holidays in Sweden

Sweden  respects almost all Christian public holidays and others. Most of the celebrations and partying at homes is done on the eve of Xmas (24th), New year etc these days usually called Afton. Xmas eve(Julafton), Nyårsafton (New years eve), Midsomarafton etc... Here are the official public holidays in Sweden of 2007:

Jan. 1 & 6

April 14 ,16 and 17

May 1 and 25

June 4 and 6

Nov. 4

Dec. 25 and 26


I reccomend these search engines Google Svenska  for everything :Good for address  and location isues

 National Statistic website:Swedish statistics page for information and concrete facts about sweden.

Currency issues

To know the value of your currency to the Swedish kronor you can visit the Universal Money converter . For Cameroonians the kronor to  frsCFA is always lingering between 67 to 70 CFA. It all depends on where you go sometimes.

For foreign exchange isuues you can visit the nearest Forex agency in your locality or the website Forex or Westernunion transfer to know the current rate of exchange rate in various currencies, location of the nearest agency  and to send money back home.


In Sweden the bicycle paths are well developed and properly maintaned. I will encourage you to buy a bicycle to carry out your daily chores. It´s the cheapest and healthy means of transport. It´s just normal in summer to see your boss come with a bicycle at the work place and you have a chat before he gets in for real business. In winter you could buy a bus ticket on the bus or from the local bus transportation company or even keep on cycling to where you are going. I think its interesting to cycle during winter. You might fall sometimes on snow or see others slip and fall.

Sweden  has a very developed train and road transportation network. You can book your tickets online if you want to take a trip to another town. You just need to go to the central bus or train station (centralstationen) and find out about the information. Taxis are always available but amongst the most expensive in the world for about 100 to 350 kr for a few km.

You can also take a plane from the nearest aiports around you depending on the destination and flights from that airport. You can check out  this link on all about airports in Sweden.aircraft-charter


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