Shopping in Sweden



Sweden is not  cheap in stuff.



You have to ask people around you to tell you the cheapest shops in town for groceries and other articles you want. They are also second hand shops and you can visit blocket to buy or look for furniture or whatever you might need for housing equipment. There are also many shopping centers in the bigger towns and you can be lucky to make good deals that suit you.< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">

The approximate prices of some items are listed below (1 Euro = approx. SEK 9):

1 Swedish Krona (1Kr) = 67 to 70 frs CFA

Milk-(Mjölk) SEK 8/litre
Bread- (Bröd) SEK 10-20/loaf
Cornflakes box: SEK10- 30
Margarine/Butter: SEK 20 /500g tub
Cheese – (Ost) SEK 30-50/kg
Lamb: SEK 60-90/kg
Beef: SEK 70-140/kg
Pork: SEK 50-100/kg
Chicken:(Kyckling) SEK 30-50/kg

Chicken Legs(Kyckling klubbor)SEK 25-30/kg
Eggs: SEK 2 each
Rice: SEK 30-35/kg
Pasta: SEK 12/kg
Soda: SEK 5/33 cl
Cigarettes: SEK 35.50/packet
Beer: SEK 6-10/33 cl,  2.8 to 3% alcohol at a Grocery shop

Beer: SEK 10-20/33 cl , 5.2 to 7% alcohol at  Systembolaget - the Swedish alcohol retailing monopoly(Opens Mondays to Satudays)

Wine: SEK from 55 /75 cl bottle ( Systembolaget - the Swedish alcohol retailing monooly)
Newspaper: SEK 12
Cinema: SEK 85
Theatre: SEK 50-200

City-centre bus ticket: 16 to 20 Kr

Dinner with wine or beer:200 to 300kr

Pizza: 55 to 65 kr

McBurger:20 to 58 kr

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