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When you are in Sweden the first thing I will love you to know is that keeping time is very important. I think you should just buy a wrist watch. Everything is based on advance planning. It concerns everything you have to do here in Sweden from official to none-official matters.


When you arrive at your destination, you should visit the tax office (skatteverket) in your town the next working day.You report yourself to the authorities with your passport and they know you are in Sweden. If your stay is more that one year you will get a social security number (personnummer). With this number you can access many services  and it will be easier for you to acquire other services.


 If your stay is less than one year they will give you a temporal social security number that you will use in everything you do here. Your social security number should be kept very private because without it you cannot do anything such as visiting a doctor, dentist, library, bank, job, internet subscribtion etc.  or have access to other services which i did not name above.

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