Medical care in Sweden


Medical care is free in Sweden if you are a resident


 The Emergency Number for all services is 112 in Sweden. The operator will connect you to the  desired service 24 hours a day. It´s always good to know this number , have it in your mobile phone and offhand for security reasons.


English        -   Swedish

Accident      =   Olycka

Ambulance  =   Ambulans
Dentist        =   Tandläkare
Doctor         =   Läkare
Chemist      =   Apoteket
Emergency  =   Nödfall
Firebrigade =    Brandkår
Hospital      =    Sjukhus

Poison         =    Gift
Police          =    Polis
Rescue Service = Räddningstjänst


Dental care (Tandläkare)

If you have dental problems in Sweden then you have to be prepared to pay a lot  for the services of a denist. They are very expensive and you got to book time in advance. It costs about 500 to 700kr for you teeth to be examined. Tooth removal cost about 1000 to 1500 kr and filling holes costs about 1000 to 4500 kr per tooth. You can check out the yellow pages gulasidorna to book a time with a dentist (Tandläkare) where you live.


The Local health center (Vårdcentral)

Check out the yellow pages (Gula sidorna) for Vårdcentral. You can call the receptionist and they will tell about what to do. They will always ask for your social security number (personnumer). In complicated situations go with your passport. You will be assigned a doctor who will take care of your problem. Always have some money on you - about 500kr in case of fees to be paid and to buy medicines from apoteket (State run Pharmacy). If you are a student I will advice you to buy a health insurance (Försäkring) in the nearest insurance office. You can try the following lansforsakringar,folksam



Apoteket is  state run monoply to sell drugs. If you want to buy drugs you can go to the nearest Apoteket and you can get help for the pharmacist to locate the drugs and tell you the dosage if you do not understand Swedish.


 Being a parent in Sweden

Sweden has a developed social system and family is very important. Parental courses are taken when you expect your first child. You are encouraged to be present when your wife is giving birth and support her. I think it was a wonderful experience for me to be present and see how my wife went through to bring forth our beautiful daughter Marilyn  Picture gallery. In African and other developing countries it is a women´s issue and the men´s place is to pay the bills from the hospital. Equal responsiblity of father and mother to child are greatly encouraged and the details are given to you from another parental course at the Social insurance office, Försäkringskassan. Visit the national social insurance page. All details on compensation on illness, parental issues are taken care  in that office.

The system is well build for both parents to work when the child is twelve months old. There are many municipal council run child day care centres.


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