The media in Sweden


Freedom of speech and media

Sweden has both digital and analog tv. TV1, TV2, TV4 are free stations you get from connecting you TV to its antenna. On the other hand, the other stations can be available if you subscribe for it. Must know page can help you in that.  Maybe it can be already in your apartment where you live.

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There are many FM radio stations. Its just a matter of you  tuning  your radio to your choice of what you like.

Daily  newspapers are also available. For up to date political, nation wide events about sweden and other parts of the world you can read DN (Dagens nyheter) and SVD (Svenska dagbladet). If you are interested in technical issues and IT then you can read the following papers: DI (Dagens Industri), Computer sweden and Ny teknik (all are in Swedish). You can go to the library and read these papers. You can also find some English newspapers in the local libraries and of course, the internet.


 Note: Pictures and names of criminals or accused persons are not shown in newspapers or on TV. It sounds strange for a free country but that´s the law here. Do not fine it strange when you see no pictures or names in a criminal report or some other serious case. If you are really interested, go to the court house and you can see the names on the court report.


The The Local translates Swedish news into English. It´s a good source of information from the internet for those intreseted in knowing what is going on in Sweden.

The BBC ,Foxnews,CNN websites can be visited for those who speak  and understand English for news events around the world. Cameroonians can get news   from home in english from  The Postnewsline and in french from Lanouvelleexpression  I do not know how updated the news are but it lets one know what is happening down there.

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