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 Its always good to learn a new language.

 The main language in Sweden is Swedish, however English is widely spoken and you can get your way in a lot of places by speaking English. It has words from other languages like German, Latin, English and French .

However I will advice you to learn some common words in everyday use. You can learn some of them later on this page. It´s an interesting language if you are interested to learn it you can get your way through it.

It´s an interesting language and if you are interested to learn it you can get your way through it. You can start by registering at the tax office(skatteverket) and follow the process below to take a swedish course for immigrants.


 SFI (Svenska för Invandrare)(Swedish for immigrants)

If you have a social security number or personnummer from skatteverket   you can register and take a free course in Komvux (Kommunal Vuxen Utbildning- municipal adult education) In many towns it is intergrated with the Swedish intergrations office of your town. You can check up the address in the yellow pages (Gula sidorna) or type komvux plus town in google . You will know the address and location. The course is free but you will be interviewed before they think you are vailble. and you can talk to the  office assistant and he or she can tell you what you have to do. You will take all the courses in Swedish and I do not think you will get help from English language to help you understand.


When I came to sweden I started learning swedish from the internet and got some bits also from the beginners course in university. I finally went to komvux and did the course Swedish for immigrants(SFI). It took about nine months to complete the course. The skolverket page writes all about it. I am done with that and I am  now at the second level  in the langauge studies called Svenska som Andraspråk (SAS) and will take me another year to complete. The courses are flexible and you can choose between evening courses (kvällkurs) or daytime courses.


Here are some common Swedish words you can learn. You will hear this words everyday somehow somewhere


Hej [hej]- Hi

 Hej då - Good bye

God morgon [go:d moron] -Good morning

Tack [tak] - -Thank you

Tack så mycket(tack so micket)-Thank you very much

Varsågod [vashogo:d]- You're welcome / Here you are

 Ja [ja:]- Yes

Nej [ney] -No

 Ursäkta [u:'sheck ta] -Excuse me / Pardon

Förlåt [forlot]- I'm sorry

Nice to meet you- Trevligt att träffas 

 Bra [bra:] Good / Well

 Jag [ja:g] I

Du [du:] You (sing.)

Han [han] He

 Hon [hon] She

Den [den] It (common gender)

 Det [de:t] It (neutral) Vi [vi:] We

 Ni** [ni:] You (plur.), formal you sing. and plur.

De [dom] They

  Some useful websites to further your  knowledge of the swedish language .

Aid to beginners

Introduction to swedish course

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Björn swedish course


Aid for pronounciaton in swedish page

swedishalphabet pronounciation


Swedish online- English Dictionaries

I really love to use this  Online dictionary its quite explicit and it has lots of words.

Freedict dictionary  has also lots of words form many other languages.

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