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 Films are shown in  their original language and subtitled in Swedish so one can really have a good time in the cinema and enjoy a movie even if one does not understand Swedish. You just need to check out the svenk film Cinema programmes website. It´s a cinema chain and you can know which film is going to be shown in what time and even book a ticket.


Popular and world renowned Swedish groups and artist are Abba, Roxette, Ace of base.

 You can listen to free African, European, American and Cameroonian music online on this site. You just need to register. It´s really good  for variety. Livemusicworld over



The legal age  is 18, but drinking in a club can be a little tricky because of age requirements. It's completely arbitrary: Some places say you have to be 18 to get in, while others say you have to be 21, 23, or more.

Check out in your area, or just take a walk to the centrum city centre of the town and ask anybody the most popular, cheap or attractive night clubs in your town. Always hold your ID card or passport .



Look for amature clubs in your in various sports disciplines in your area. There are lots of football pitches and you can register and be a member of a footballclub. You just need to ask people around. Sweden has about ten different levels of football divisions from the 8th division to the Elite football league (Allsvenskan). I have played in both 5th and 8th divisions in my town.Picture gallery

You can visit the local gyms and check out on Indoor sports arena's and play tennis, football, basketball etc

You can attend sports events in your town in summer and winter. Usaually there is always something going on weekends (helger).


 Ballet, opera, drama and music festivals
 In the cold dark long winter months it´s always a pleasure for Swedes or immigrants who do not want to stay indoors to go to ballet, operas, dramas and listen to classical music. It is the peak season for these activities. To  book your tickets for such events you can visit the ticket website  ticnet

However just check out in your town and there are always billboards announcing these activities.


Boat trips

You can take boat trips on a cruise ship and party all night long to Finland. You can also buy tax free alcohol and take back to Sweden. To know more about these trips you can visit  the websites of cruise ship agencies. You can book online and cruise to Finland and sometimes you can be lucky to get good deals if you are a student.

Vikingline vikingline.se  and Siljaline  silja page 


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