Cultural aspects of Sweden


Respect the culture of a people where ever you are

In Sweden people dress casually and I can call it simple. They wear jeans trousers and skirts everywhere and even to job interviews .Suits, ties and jackets are meant for official matters, occasions such as marriages, church services etc.

Anyway that does not mean that you should not dress the way you want. It´s a free country.

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You can locate these museums and galleries on these web pages below or  the official website of your town to know where they are located. Visit the all museums page. If you are in Stockholm you can check out this website All about Stockholm. These museums are interesting to visit and you  learn more about the culture, nature and other people. You can try the nationalmuseum


Nobel prize

The world renowned Nobel prize is given in Stockholm and to know more about it, you can visit  nobelprize page.



The Scandinavian lands are known for the viking existence. Vikings swooped into the world arena around AD 800 in a fierce rush of longboats against unguarded shores, killing and plundering as they went. In Sweden you can visit some of the sights thought to be left or visited by the vikings. You can see their tools, life style and clothing. To know more about the vikings you can visit these web sites

Vikings with photos and The vikings period


They are found in every town or municipality usually known as Städsbibliotek and you need to register and get an access card in order to borrow books on all subjects, films, Cd's, cassettes, read newspapers and access the internet.

Creating an association(förening) in Sweden

What you need to know before you start


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