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They are an estimated  over 500 Cameroonians is Sweden. Many of them came here for different reasons but the majority as undergraduate and  postgraduate students. In Västerås where I live, they are about 30 of us in counting and they are all students of  Mälardalen Högskola (Mälardalen University).

We always come together for parties and the majority live together. In other towns it not really different because I think we love to have each other around and help  the "Johnny just come" ( those on their first visit to Sweden ) to integrate into the  society. Visit the Picture gallery and see for yourselves.

The Cameroonians students of Sweden living in Västerås  usually meet with other African students in Sweden from  Ghana, Nigeria, Somalia and Uganda etc. The West African Students community in Västerås is quite large.However it cannot be compared with  the population of students in other big towns such as Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmö.

While in Sweden you can visit all the  Schengen countries and Switzerland  if you got the money and time.

If you are a "Payesans" you should not have less than one "brick"(million) when you travel to Sweden and buy everything from Cameroon before coming here . It`s going to be easy for you to adapt.

Sweden is not  a  money making haven. Jobs are difficult to get and there is the all time recommendation of Swedish language. If you want to stay and live in Sweden ,start learning Swedish today ,visit the Language page .There is no other way around it.

If you feel that  you cannot stand the cold, some boring people, expensive  food and beer and language recommendation to get a job you can move to England although it is also not always easy

 If you want to date a Swedish girl or any other  i have some tips on how to go about it on my Dating page on this website. It is all from personal experience and interviews on why guys fail to get relationships.To get the rest of and about "docki" palaver it all depends on you.

Here are my latest advice and tips to those who want to travel to or have just arrived in Sweden

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