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Tips on finding a house or an apartment in Sweden

  • You have to chose where you wanna live and why you wanna live there
  • Look at the transport options to your daily destination.  
  • How much   you have and how affordable is the rents .
  • Look for the cheapest apartments for a start and   when you are registered in the system you can move to a larger and better  apartment.
  • Visit the real estate agents of that city by going to their offices and by visiting their online sites.   
  • I still think the best way is to ask anybody who has lived in that city for a long time to tell you a real-estate company  that gives out houses for rents. 
  • Check out for empty houses or apartments on the newspapers.
  • If you are  student then you need to look for  student apartment “ student bostad”.They are not really cheap but your school can give  advise on what to do and which website to visit. or where to can however visit studentapartment page 
  • Try to  get in contact with  people from the  your country  who have been living in Sweden for  some time.They can also give you some inner help.
  • To buy second furniture i recommend the  blocket website.You can get very good deals on housing furniture and everything you will need just need to explore  the website.

Short stay and for touristic purposes

For short stays you can  have a list of hotels at

hotelsinsweden page

for the tourist who wants to live and feel how life is in ice .Build only in winter

icehotel page

youth hostels

youth hostels page

If you wanna camp then you could fine help here on cabins and caravans.

camping page


 CHANGING APARTMENT  or if you want a room mate then try the roommate page 

Changing apartments is sometime helpful. You can visit changing apartment website.its also services for the whole country

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