Karameikan NPCs

The following is a compilation of all Karameikan NPC from both Gaz1 and K:KoA

Royal Family
Stefan Karameikos I, pg 13
Boris Karameikos m Amelia Von Hendricks, parents of Stefan II and Victor, KoA
Stefan Karameikos II Victor's elder brother, Gaz1 pg 13 & KoA
Victor Karameikos, d 968, Stefan III's father, m Amanda Korrigan d 977, KoA
Stefan Karameikos III (Duke) b 948, m Olivia Prothemian, pg 13, 42
Olivia Karameikos (Prothemian) b 959, pg 42
Adriana Karameikos, b 980, daughter of Stefan III, pg 42
Justin Karameikos, b 982, son of Stefan III, pg 43
Valen Karameikos, b 986, son of Stefan III, pg 43

Gustav Korrigan, m Celia Kerendas
Octavius Korrigan, son of Gustav, m Augusta Dimentinova, KoA
Amelia Korrigan, daughter of Gustav, KoA
Bretonia Korrigan, daughter of Gustav, KoA
Alvin Korrigan, son of Octavius, m Mildred Draconia, KoA
Milo Korrigan, son of Alvin, KoA
Alexius Korrigan – Seneschel of Ducal Estate, son of Otavius, Korrigan's father, Stefan's mother, and von Hendrik's mother were all siblings. Seventh child of his parents, pg 44
Vert per Fess Flammant Or, a hammer sable
Source: KKoA, p99

Prothemian: Bendy of Six Sinister, Or and Purpure
Source: KKoA, p99

Black Eagle
Andreas von Hendricks, m Bretonia Korrigan, KoA
Baron Ludwig von Hendriks – son of Andreas, first cousin to Korrigan and Karameikos (Thyatian ~ 50), pg 58
Donna von Hendriks - son of Andreas, m Ocastar the Mighty
Anna von Hendriks - daughter of Donna, Heldannic Knight
Bargle the Infamous – Court wizard to von Hendriks, pg 58

Lucius Hyraksos - Admiral, m Katerina Gaddis, KoA
Devon Hyraksos - son of Lucius, m Adriana Karameikos (must be after 1000AC), KoA
Lucien Hyraksos - son of Devon, KoA
Argent Hyraksos - son of Devon, KoA
Lucien Hyraksos, Lucius' brother, KoA
Ambassador Constans Hyraksos - Ambassador to Rockhome, Lucien's son and therefore Devon's cousin, Gaz 6?

Torenescu Clan (Traladaran)
Emmet Torenescu - m Sandara Bovis, KoA
George Torenescu - son of Emmet, m Sarah Ebonov (from a Minrothaddan family of Ebonovs), had 4 brothers and sisters, KoA
Samuas Torenescu - son of Emmet, m Shella Wolf, KoA
Katerina Torenescu - daughter of Samuas, m ? Marilenev, KoA
Christoph Torenescu - son of George, m Melinda Azuros, d 999, pg 52
Boris Torenescu – son of George, younger brother of Christoph, pg 53
Pavel Torenescu - son of Geroge, m Ordana Dracul, KoA
Stephanos Torenescu - son of Pavel, (courting Lucia Vorloi in B6), KoA
Nichola Torenescu - son of George, KoA
Aleksander Torenescu – son of Christoph, b 974, pg 52
Alya Ebonov - sister of Sarah, m Geoffric the Foolish, Her son is Dmitrios, Prince of Beggar, who married Allaina (no surname given), KoA
Simion Torenescu - cousin of Christoph, B6
Boris Torenescu - Ambassador to Glantri, cousin of Christoph, Gaz 3
- probably the sons of the two unnamed sons of Emmet Torenescu.

Radu Clan (Traladaran)
Antonio "The Great" Radu - m Dorisimo Calihar
Anton Radu – son of Antonio, Head of the Merchants Guild & Veiled Society, m Victoria Artho, b 937, pg 53
Cartha Radu – son of Antonio, pg 53
Zweis Radu - son of Anton, m Rebeca Kaison, pg 53 & KoA
Theodosius Radu - son of Zweis, pg 53 & KoA
Pieter Radu - son of Zweis, pg 53 & KoA
Antonito Radu – son of Anton, m Gloria Inexdio, pg 53 & KoA
Emil Radu - son of Antonito, pg 53 & KoA

Vorloi Clan (Thyatian)
Patros Vorloi - m Rogaria Canolocarius, KoA
Michaela Vorloi - daughter of Patros, m Arkan Sulanov (Traladaran captain in the Karameikan army), KoA
Zandra Sulanov - daughter of Arkan & Michaela, (becomes minister of war after Lucius Hyraksos), KoA
Fortunato Vorloi - son of Patros, m Marianne Ginjos, KoA
Lucia Vorloi - daughter of Fortunato, KoA
- plus other offsprings who remained in Thyatis.
Baron Philip Vorloi - son of Patros, m Anna Braun (d 995), pg 53 & KoA
Grygori(y?) – son of Philip, pg 53
Marianna – daughter of Philip, pg 53
Mikel Vorloi - Captain of the Guard Phorsis, unknown relationship, KoA

Castle and Village Marilenev
Lady Magda Marilenev – (Traladaran was Magda Andrios) husband and family slain by Karameikos, pg 55
Gunther Marilenev - m Cyndaria Whiteforge, KoA
Ivan Marilenev - son of Gunther, m Katharine Torenescu (see above, a cousin of Christoph and Boris Torenescu), KoA
Melanie Marilenev - daughter of Ivan, disappeared without a trace, KoA
Octavon Marilenev - son of Ivan, KoA
Sebastian Marilenev - son of Ivan, KoA
Dmetros Marilenev - son of Ivan, KoA
Valor Marilenev - son of Ivan, m Magda Andrios, KoA
Britan Marilenev - son of Valor, KoA
Caspar Marilenev - son of Valor, KoA
All of these characters, except Magda, died in the Marilenev Rebellion (the two sons were apparently killed by orcs as they were being escorted to safety by Karameikan troops, while Melanie disappeared without trace).

Desmond Kelvin I, pg 56
Baron Desmond Kelvin II – (Thyatian) CoK, Order of the Griffon, oldest son of Kelvin I, pg 56
Alerena Kelvin - duaghter of Kelvin I, B12

Mistress Sascia – Townsmistress (Traladaran) b 972, pg 56
Yolanda of Luln – Entertainer (Traladaran), sister of Sascia, pg 54 & KoA

Baron Sherlane Halaran – Patriarch of Threshold (CoK), (Thyatain ~60), pg 56
Merrik Halaran – brother of Sherlane, Thyatian soldier pg 57
Aleena Halaran – Order of the Griffon, b 978, daughter of Merrik, mother died few years ago pg 57
Anielle Halaran – possible sister or cousin of Aleena, pg 57

Lady Halia Antonic – from Specularum Magician Guild, minor branch of Vorloi clan. 8th child of family, b 974, m Retameron of Verge, pg 57
Sir Retamon Antonic – Lord of Verge, Father Thyatian, mother Traladaran, pg 58

Lord Zemiros Sulescu – Nosferatu (Traladaran ~300), pg 39

Lord Kavorqian Penhaligon - Lord Arturus' brother, B11
Lord Kaerin Penhaligon - Lord Kavorqian's (adopted) son, betrothed to Alerena Kelvin, B11
Lord Arturus Penhaligon – (Thyatian), d 996, pg 39
Ilyana Penhaligon - illegitimate daughter of Arturus, B12
Lady Arteris Penhaligon - (Thyatian) daughter of Arturus, pg 39

Lord Lev Dromilov – (Traladaran ? ), b 962, pg 38

Lord Lucal Tormandros – Specualrum Townmaster, b 964

Lord Zogrev Yarol - Minister of State (Traladaran ~50), wife = Torenescu, pg 44
Admiral Lucius Hyraksos - Minister of War (Thyatian ~60), m Katarina (Traladaran singer and entertainer), pg 44
Lord Bartran Cordelius - Minister of Trade (Thyatian ~55), pg 45
Lord Valdo Tisza - Minister of Finance (Traladaran ~40), pg 45

Lord Cornel Osteric - Thyatis (~45) - has children, grandchildren, and possibly many bastards, pg 45
Dona Marianita Lucia de Leon y Valdez - Glantri (appears ~20, but probably older) half elf, pg 46
Jenkin Flintfoot - Five Shires (middle age), former sheriff, pg 47
Bolto Nordenshield - Rockhome, lost an arm, pg 47
Shalander - Alfheim (~110), pg 47
Gunter Shonberg - Ierendi (Thyatian adventurer - Hattian), pg 48
Aladan Voll – Minrothad Guilds, pg 48
Sheik Abdullah ibn Hamid – Ylaruam, Dythestenian, pg 48
Estella Whitehall – Darokin, pg 49

Lord Oliver Jowett – Patriarch of Specularum, Master – Order of the Griffon (Church of Karameikos), pg 49
Magdel – Assistant to Patriarch of Specularum (Church of Karameikos), Thyatian father & Traladaran mother, pg 50
Alfric Oderbry – Opposition Leader (Church of Karameikos), 10 when Karameikos took control (~40), pg 50
Aleksyev Nikelnevich – Patriarch (Church of Traladara), 15 during Thyatian invasion, pg 51
Sergyev – Patriarch (Cult of Halav), pg 51

Edoard of Threshold – Head of the Loggers Guild (Thyatian ~35), pg 52
Flameflicker/Alya – The Thief King (Traladaran ~20), pg 52
Teldon – Head of Magician’s Guild (Thyatian ~110), pg 52

Emilio the Great – Thespian (Darokin), pg 54
Luthier Sforza – Tavernkeeper of the Black-Heart Lilly (Traladaran), pg 54
“Lord” Dmitrios – Prince of Beggars, he and his wife are cousins to Torenescu clan, pg 55

Prestelle – Chief Trader of Rifllian, pg 39

Dorfus Hilltopper – Gnome King of Highforge, pg 38