Welcome to Stagelight Productions! 

Your creative vision through the art of digital video. 

About the Visual Artist:
Sam Vasquez. 

Stagelight productions is a full-service  production studio. I specialize in making short independent films and videos. Taking your creative project from concept through delivery for web/internet display .

I have a new studio space in the upcoming Artist District, in the city of  Alameda, Califronia, with over 1300 square feet, dozens of props, a variety of sets, sound and lighting equipment.  I also have editing studio.

Filmmaking is a passion of mine.  In 2006 I developed my skills in making films at San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking with the most talented and creative professionals in the Bay Area.  Booked as a background actor at Beau Bonneau Casting further developed  my skill set by experiencing the many facets of feature film, commercials and music video.

I used the Canon 5D and 7d to film all my projects.

With  creative energy and experience  to make a video that your budget allows, I can deliver  a high quality film under budget for your viewing audience possible.

              On location with cast and crew of "Groom Service". 

On the set with the cast of "Ruben's Place" with actors Dawson and Solana. 

On the set of  "Jack in the City " with actor Anthony Martinez. 
Above: Mathew Latto and Artem Mushin on the set of the
Short Film  "Groom Service" 

                             Actor and Musician Joel Thompson

                             Actress Katherine Celio

On set with the cast and crew of "Marty's' Riff" a short film 
written and directed by Patrick Moore.