What Drink Are You?

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What Drink Are You?

Copy and paste this into a Myspace bulletin and post with the title (example: WATER) that best fits your situation.

GATORADE: down to mess around

BLOODY MARY: broken heart

RED BULL: taken and love the person

COKE: confused if you still like that person

PINK LEMONADE: Like someone.. A LOT


ORANGE JUICE: you're about to simply give up

SPRITE: you're secretly a crime fighting ninja turtle.

VODKA: like someone but don't know if they like you back

PEPSI: like someone who likes you back but are not going out.

ROOT BEER: taken but not very steady

TEQUILA: want someone you can't have

DR.PEPPER: you just like dr.pepper so much.
and you want some

SMIRNOFF: TAKEN and is very happy

MR. PIBB: single and happy

CORONA: kinda confused on who you like

JACK DANIELS: single & just having fun right now..but maybe if someone comes along then we'll see what happens

WATER: single and can't get anyone

MELTED ICE CREAM: just plain single