Welcome to the MySLAX Creator Wizard

New version available!

New features:
  • SLAX version 6.1.x support.
  • Create your own lzm music modules and play them everywhere.
  • Run MySLAX creator in SLAX (using wine)
  • Preview your just created ISO image in VMware player or other free VMWare products

MySLAX Creator is a tool to use for re mastering your Linux live script based ISO’s.
  • Want to add some data, video, music, etc to a bootable iso?
  • Want to put that on a bootable flash drive?
  • Want to have all those great Live CD tools you have on CD stashed in your toolbox on a multi-bootable usb HDD or flash drive.
Read on.

MySLAX Creator is a Windows application that can help you customize SLAX (and with other iso's add packages to the ISO) and make a flash drive bootable.

There are lists of howtos (including videos) on Google just search for MySLAX Creator & lots of links will show up.

Have fun

Martijn Starrenburg