Plan B

Plan B has the perfect skateboard. The concave on it is so beautiful and so expertly made for tricks but there is one downside to the board.........the price. Almost all of their boards cost more than any other companies board. I say its worth it but some people disagree. Plan B has an amazing team consisting of 7 grade A skateboarders.  A lot of my favorites are part of this team. Paul Rodriguez, Felipe Gustavo, Ryan Sheckler, Torey pudwill, Danny Way and Pj Ladd. Plan B was originally founded by Mike Ternasky in 1991. Sadly he died before he could see his company become as famous as it is right now. He left the business to Danny Way and Mckay. In 1998 the company was temporarily shut down for reasons that only Danny and McKay only know. The re-launch of the company started in 2005 and thats around the time Paul Rodriguez joined the team. Danny And Mckay reformed the boards and that is why the brand is so famous. The board is so amazing and so perfect I just wish the prices weren't so high. Plan B has risen up from nothing to everything and that is why I love Plan B skateboards.