Tips before Buying hermes bags from Online Store

You have come to the right place if you don’t want to be a victim of an artist who will sell fake handbags in the name of brands. Be careful while you choose. There are many stores online which offers you hermes bags at unbelievably lower prices tempting you to purchase them without thinking twice. Be careful, money spent won’t come back that easily! Here are some of the pro tips to be considered if you are avoiding to become a victim of online scams, and want to buy the exact designer product and not the fake,

  1. 1.      Do a research before purchasing your bag off

Scan the original bag with the product you are purchasing, does it have the gold plate in both? Or silver? That ring? Ensure that the bag you are willing to buy is 100% matching to the product on the brand’s official site. Original bags sport leather handles, which have sharp printing quality, trim, and LV studs outside and in. Examine the pictures carefully, but guess what? They can keep fake photos for fooling which in the end leads us in buying the fake.


  1. 2.      Ask them for additional pictures

Scammers will simply use photos from the brand website and include their write-ups. Ask the retailer to put up more personal pictures and request to go for the detailed shots – front, inside, back, and bottom. If the retailer hesitates, move on. If not, check if pictures are in a background of house instead of store.

  1. 3.      If it’s unbelievably lower in price, then it is…

No matter what happens, you just can’t buy designer bags at a whooping discount of 40% and above than the original brand price. It costs you normally in $400-1000 and more. If you are shown a handbag worth $300 or less, beware.

  1. 4.      Note the feedback and policy of return of seller

See the reviews of the business, note the feedback of seller. Know what people are speaking about them – both negative and positive. See the response of seller for negative ratings. Check if the positive feedback is from multiple areas or not. Also, ensure that the return policy of the seller is good enough in case you are not satisfied with the end product.

  1. 5.      Be sure, check for Paypal verification or Power seller seal on Auctions

Paypal is trustworthy in auctions, if you are buying with Paypal, it helps you in identifying the scammers. Also, Power seller will only give a seal for brands having longstanding and exceptional relationship with the brand. Ensure that the product meets both of them. Also, do a brief search on the history of items sold by the same seller or check on their similar items.

Hope the tips will help you in finding the original handbag!

The perfect way in purchasing an authentic item is to purchase from an authorized seller. Try buying the product directly from the brand’s official website. Have a fun, smart, and safe shopping from hermes sale! Do not become a victim of fraudster’s scam using the tips. For more details check out: