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Collaboration Legacy

The Collaboration Legacy
Gene Colvin
Night Owl, Grumpy, Gatherer, Natural Cook, Book Worm

In France I was part of the nectar trade. 
One day this college kid on vacation gave me a Kona bean. What a buzz~
Beans were nothing like Nectar. They left you super charged!
No one was trading beans here. I sold everything and hit the road.
 Sunset Valley the was perfect spot to setup a few plants & make some cash.

I bought Mosquito Cove.
The house was a broken mess with no furniture.
The local junkyard was a gold mine. 

Dumpsters in this town were loaded. I found all types of good stuff in there. I even managed to find some beans.

Beans are no joke.
You never know where they will take you. I ate the one I found and passed out in a little girl's bedroom.

Selling all that scrap from the junkyard was enough to buy a few Maui Beans.
I headed to cemetery. I took two.
Wooah! I started seeing ghosts. Not cool....

Then one day I was outside taking care of my plants.
Next thing I know I'm sucked up by this huge beam!

Over next few days I felt weird. I started craving cake. 
 I had unexpected weight gain.

Getting fat or no I kept eating beans.
About 3 days after aliens I felt weird.
Really weird! My insides hurt.

Oh god I was dieing!
Something was wrong! Oh shit oh shit!!!

A baby!
I walked outside with it. I wanted to cry.
I'd been raped by an alien named Sunnup Vajjer.

I named it Chase Todd Colvin.
My little monster.

I found him a toy chest at the junkyard with a boat.

The toys kept him busy while I was out.

 I came home to find some blonde haired boy holding my child.
"What hell are you doing?!" I yelled. "Get out!"
Chase was a nightmare but he was still my son.

I took care of him as best I could. No one was going to take him away.
I couldn't let him go to school.
He grew into a grumpy loser child. At least he was athletic.

Chase is a very curious child. Maybe that's what his people do...
When he asked me where he came from I didn't know what to say.

So we made an igloo. We didn't have heat or beds in the house. This was the best we had.
I didn't want to sleep. I could still feel their alien probes...
Potent potions from elixir shop kept me awake...
Sleeping elixirs & beans weren't enough. I started taking Bliss.

Falling asleep on bliss made the bad memories go away.

When I woke up Chase was mad. I tried to apologize.
He had been doing some thinking.
I was frightened when he told me.

He had decided to start going to school.
"It could be dangerous," I warned him.
He went anyway. 

Chase had grown up so fast.
He was making his own meals & cleaning the house.
He had grown into an eccentric teenager.

Chase tried hard with his studies. He was a failing student.
I tried to tell him to stop wasting his time with school.

"Hey kid! Why don't you stop being so trashy," I chuckled. Chase just glared at me. Hateful little bastard.
I followed him upstairs to the bathroom.

"You're not normal! You're not even my kid," I croaked. "Stop being an alien. That's all you gotta do. Don't be so damn strange."
Chase stormed out of the bathroom. He looked mad.

Downstairs that weird kid of mine was doing strange alien shit. 
My head hurt so bad. I hadn't had a bean or elixir in days.
I passed out on the floor.

I knew the little bastard was up to something. I grounded him. 
The next day he snuck out & went to school.
I caught him trying to come home. 
"Get hell out of here freak. I'm done with you," I growled.
I walked back into the house & slammed the door.

When the prom king came home that night the door was locked.
I ignored his texts and stamping feet!

Chase raged outside my house for 3 days.
I kept yelling at him to go away.
He wouldn't!

On 3rd night there was silence. I smirked to myself.
I heard a car pull up to drive.
I looked out the window to see tails lights.
My lawn was empty...

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