Simple Timer is a Firefox/Thunderbird extension that operates as a clock or a timer. Information can be displayed in your toolbar, as well as in an informative toolbar tooltip.

Clock mode displays the time and/or date in a format that is highly customizable.

Timer mode has three functions:
1. Count up from zero.
2. Count down from any time (less than 24 hours). You can set as many timers as you want.
3. Select a specific time of the day to receive a notification. You can also specify the day (daily, weekdays, weekends or a specific day). You can set as many notifications as you want.

Completed timers can be recorded in an event log
Visual and audio alarms can be set to trigger when the timer has completed.

Use the sidebar to the left for more detailed information. I hope you find this extension useful!

Firefox 29+ users, the add-on bar has been removed. You can install another addon called Classic Theme Restorer to get it back, find it at: