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      Gemstones are gifts of nature. They have always had special deep significance for all cultures, and throughout the ages different colored gemstones have been associated with different religious and spiritual meanings.

      I started to make jewelry when I began to practice yoga and discovered that semi-precious stones help to balance chakras. According to Eastern medicine, chakras are 7 main energy centers of the body. They start at the base of the spine and run up to the top of the head. Each energy center represents an emotional or psychological state, such as love, power, or imagination, and each is linked to a color. They are
Chakra One (root chakra) - red color of garnet, ruby or jasper, black color of onyx,
Chakra Two (naval chakra) - orange color of carnelian,
Chakra Three (solar plexus chakra) - yellow color of citrine or sapphire,
Chakra Four (heart chakra) - rose color of quartz, green color of emerald or peridot,
Chakra Five (throat chakra) - light blue color of turquoise, blue topaz, amazonite, aquamarine, 
Chakra Six (brow or the third eye chakra) - dark blue color of lapis lazuli or kyanite,

Chakra Seven (crown chakra) - purple color of amethyst or sugilite, white clear quartz, diamond.
Each gemstone has unique powers. Worn close to the skin and touching your pulse points (ears, wrists, ankles, and neckline), they bring new energy into the body and remove the old. They heal ailments, bring good luck, fortune and love. In combination, gemstones' natural properties are enhanced.   In my handmade jewelry I let the stone to speak for itself, revealing all the uniqueness of mother nature’s creations. I have always stayed true to my own vision. As you will see,  I have diverse jewelry suitable for any person, any occasion and any mood. My hand-made jewelry is crafted with a lot of love and each piece caries a charge of positive energy. Look around and you will be sure to find something special just for you. I work exclusively with genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones, genuine pearls and precious metals. My stones come from around the world, only from respected suppliers. 
  I look forward to providing you with quality and affordable jewelry that you will love to wear or give as a gift. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions  

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