Being Sheltie enthusiasts, we have been breeding to the English standard for over 20 years, trying to preserve what we believe to be the standard of the country of origin of the breed, illustrated in the UK/FCI .  Dedicated to produce the ideal dog with abundant coat and well-known sweetness of expression, we only breed and exhibit Shelties of true British type.


                                                                    Darel April 2008 XII National  
                                                  May 2008

    Darel  Summer 2008 Best in Show  Best in Breed

                                                     XIII National April 2009
expert Mrs. Joyce Miles, "MILESEND" (GB)

                                                            Darel  September 2009 Best in Show
                                               Best in Breed

     April 2010  Eurasia

May 2010 XIV National Russian Championship

expert Mr. Michael J Ewing,  "Sommerville" (GB)

      Darel   July 2010 Best in Show  Best in Breed


May 2011
Best in show
  experts - B.Makepeace,  «Lynaire» (GB), Mrs.J.Martin,  «Ramtin» (GB)