I'm Sharine. Welcome to my virtual world of food & wine, poetry & music, creative exploits, and of course, my 'misbehavings!'

Here, you'll find recipes I have borrowed, bettered or - better yet - basically bastardized.

carnivorous? I have food for you!

Come with me on wine tasting adventures, and follow my winemaking exploits!

Ears hungry for new music? Feed your soul!

Dig graphic design? Feast your eyes!

Enjoy entertaining? I've got parties! Invitations are rare....

Want to delve into the metaphorical mind of a poet? Savor my writings! Buy my poetry book, "The Elements of Love!"

Check out the BlipsWerx page about my "parent" company!

Why do I misbehave? Get to know my bad girl!

(Photo and Makeup by J. Claye / PhotoShop extravaganza by Yours Truly)

This is a cool place to explore all the Good Stuff I Make, fun activities I engage in, and fantastic friends I have, and just maybe you'll find some inspiration to try something new!

So come on in... spice it up, spin it around, slather it in gravy, sing it a love song, lay it on the grill, invite your friends, pour the wine and sip, swirl, swallow. 

Oh, and try the appetizer!

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