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Stk NameRecomLast PTarget PSourceLast UpdateClick Link to View/Download
Stk NameRecomLast PTarget PSourceLast UpdateClick Link to View/Download
Bank Jabar Banten IDR1,010 IDR1,200 OSK August 3, 2012 Making efforts prudently. 
Ramayana Lestari IDR1,200 IDR1,400 OSK August 3, 2012 Solid Showing, as Expected. 
Wintermar Offshore Marine IDR405 IDR690 OSK August 3, 2012 Wider Gross Margin Lifts Profits. 
Bank Rakyat Indonesia IDR6,700 IDR7,800 OSK July 30, 2012 A better quarter to restore some confidence. 
Gudang Garam IDR57,800 IDR59,000 OSK July 24, 2012 Still Has Its Charms. 
Bank Danamon IDR6,200 IDR7,200 OSK July 19, 2012 Likely non-event but a strong quarter. 
Martina Berto IDR380 IDR480 OSK July 19, 2012 Beautifully Positioned For Growth. 
Media Nusantara IDR2,225 IDR2,500 OSK July 18, 2012 Robust Growth, as Expected. 
Indosat IDR4,425 IDR4,800 OSK July 11, 2012 Missing The Headline. 
United Tractors IDR23,400 IDR31,500 BNP June 14, 2012 Chinese export impact unlikely. 
Asahimas Flat Glass IDR5,650 IDR6,300 KE June 8, 2012 Expecting Slowing Profit Growth 
Alam Sutera IDR580 IDR730 JPM May 24, 2012 Catalysts: land acquisition and next grand launch in Pasar Kemis. 
Japfa Comfeed Indonesia IDR4,675 IDR4,500 OSK May 15, 2012 Threat to Earnings Growth. 
Malindo Feedmill IDR1,300 IDR1,900 OSK May 15, 2012 On an Expansion Trail. 
Aneka Tambang IDR1,710 IDR1,700 OSK May 3, 2012 In Line. 
Arwana Citramulia IDR630 IDR960 OSK May 3, 2012 Boosted by Improved Efficiency. 
Harum Energy IDR7,250 IDR9,250 OSK May 3, 2012 Mixed Bag of Results. 
Indofood CBP IDR5,750 IDR6,400 OSK May 3, 2012 Earnings Boosted by Noodles and Snacks. 
London Sumatra IDR2,775 IDR3,562 OSK May 2, 2012 A Buy Despite Weak 1Q. 
XL Axiata IDR5,400 IDR5,400 OSK May 2, 2012 Positive Voice Stimulation Efforts. 
Bank Central Asia IDR8,000 IDR8,500 OSK April 27, 2012  A slight knock does not stop a star player. 
Resource Alam Indonesia IDR8,300 IDR8,950 OSK April 27, 2012 In Search of New Catalysts. 
Bank Mandiri IDR7,000 IDR8,400 OSK April 26, 2012 Building strength amidst pressure. 
Bukit Asam IDR18,550 IDR21,200 OSK April 26, 2012 Off to a Good Start. 
Astra Agro Lestari IDR22,200 IDR22,939 OSK April 25, 2012 Poor Results Prompt Downgrade. 
Indo Tambangraya Megah IDR41,650 IDR53,200 KE April 24, 2012 Solid fundamentals. 
Ciputra Surya IDR1,940 IDR3,050 OSK April 20, 2012 A Steal Among Property Stocks. 
Nippon Indosari IDR3,575 IDR4,350 OSK April 17, 2012 A Good Start to FY12. 
Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate IDR170 IDR460 OSK April 10, 2012 Pure Play on Appetite For Industrial Estates. 
Citra Marga Nusaphala IDR1,990 IDR2,500 KE April 10, 2012 Embarking on organic growth. 
Jasa Marga IDR4,925 IDR6,200 KE April 9, 2012 Safeguarding growth. 
Telekomunikasi Indonesia IDR7400 IDR8500 OSK April 4, 2012 Higher Dividends in Store 
Indika Energy IDR2,550 IDR3,000 CIMB February 27, 2012 Finally going upstream. 
Summarecon Agung IDR1,200 IDR1,900 JPM February 24, 2012 Premium player with premium profitability. 
Bank Negara Indonesia IDR3,550 IDR4,400 OSK February 22, 2012 Slowly shifting to higher gear. 
Vale Indonesia IDR3,525 IDR3,700 OSK February 20, 2012 Mixed Signals. 
Surya Semesta Internusa IDR880 IDR1,290 OSK February 15, 2012 Riding on Thirst For Industrial Land. 
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