Equity Research & Target Price (TP) - China/Hong Kong

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Stk NameRecomLast PTarget PSourceLast UpdateClick Link to View/Download
Stk NameRecomLast PTarget PSourceLast UpdateClick Link to View/Download
AIA Group HK$26.90 HK$38.47 BNP August 28, 2012 A differentiated life leader. 
Ajisen China HKD4.95 HKD4.90 BNP August 28, 2012 Bottomed out. 
China Longyuan Power HKD5.07 HKD6.20 BNP August 28, 2012 The best is least impacted. 
Foxconn International Holdings HKD2.88 HKD2.80 BNP August 28, 2012 Much worse than expected. 
Hating Securities HKD9.32 HKD12.20 BNP August 28, 2012 1H12 results in line. 
Sinopec HKD7.17 HKD8.50 BNP August 28, 2012 1H12: Better than expected. 
Uni-President China HKD7.46 HKD7.60 BNP August 28, 2012 Analyst meeting takeaways. 
Yanzhou Coal HKD11.68 HKD17.18 BNP August 28, 2012 1H12: Below estimates? 
China Construction Bank HKD5.26 HKD7.70 KE August 27, 2012 Best set of results among mainland banks. 
China Oriental Group Co Ltd HKD1.85 HKD1.66 OSK August 24, 2012 More Bumps Ahead After Rocky Start. 
Maanshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd HKD1.73 HKD1.54 OSK August 24, 2012 A Whopping RMB1.9bn Loss. 
China Mobile HKD86.85 HKD72.00 KE August 17, 2012 Negative EPS Growth Forecasted. 
Wynn Macau HKD16.54 HKD16.88 KE July 19, 2012 Losing Market Share In A Slowing Market. 
Hopewell Holdings HKD22.30 HKD29.15 KE July 16, 2012 All Hope Ends Well. 
Trinity HKD5.83 HKD4.40 BNP June 14, 2012 Competition intensifies. 
Magic Holdings HKD2.80 KE June 13, 2012 Hidden Gem? 
Tsingtao Brewery HKD49.30 HKD46.66 BNP June 7, 2012 Consolidation in eastern China. 
Shanghai Pharma HKD8.94 HKD10.00 BNP May 29, 2012 Negatives priced in, but ... 
Angang Steel Company Limited HKD4.49 HKD4.50 OSK May 28, 2012 2Q Loss May Narrow. 
Chansa Zoomlion HKD11.50 HKD15.70 BNP April 27, 2012 Strong 2012 Q1 results. 
COSL HKD11.92 HKD12.60 BNP April 27, 2012 Improved 1Q12 earnings. 
Great Wall Motor HKD16.08 HKD19.30 CIMB April 27, 2012 Strong off the starting block. 
Huaneng Power HKD4.41 HKD4.05 BNP April 27, 2012 1Q12: recovery as expected. 
Petrochina HKD11.30 HKD11.60 BNP April 27, 2012 Better-than-expected 1Q12. 
Uni-President China HKD6.45 HKD4.39 BNP April 27, 2012 Record high quarterly result. 
CNOOC Ltd HKD15.96 HKD19.00 BNP April 25, 2012 Production shortfall in 1Q12. 
CSR HKD5.87 HKD7.20 BNP April 25, 2012 In-line Q1 results. 
Dongfang Electric HKD19.22 HKD39.38 BNP April 25, 2012 Q1 2012 results. 
Want Want China HKD9.14 HKD10.50 KE April 24, 2012 Cheer on milk powder price plunge. 
Chongqing Iron & Steel Co. Ltd HKD1.38 HKD1.31 OSK April 23, 2012 Narrowing Losses in 1Q. 
Bank of China HKD3.15 HKD3.80 KE April 10, 2012 Lower growth already priced in. 
China Overseas Land HKD15.36 HKD17.60 BNP March 16, 2012 Decent results, cautious outlook. 
Shandong Weigao HKD7.37 HKD9.80 BNP March 16, 2012 Strong 4Q & solid outlook. 
Shougang Concord Int’l Enterprises HKD0.58 HKD0.67 OSK March 14, 2012 Upgraded despite Possible 2HFY11 Loss. 
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