Work I Have Done This Year

This is some of the work I have done this year!



Pilot Butte School

My 2008 Science Fair

My Favourite Links 

Goals in the Future

About Me

Grade Seven

Language Arts

Kind Times Newsletter- This is a newsletter I have made to show some of the kindness in Pilot Butte.

Saskatchewan Magazine- This is a magazine I made for Norhtern Saskatchewan.

Pay It Forward Voice File- This is a voice file that I made about what I think about the movie, Pay It Forward.

Poverty Voice File- This is a voice I made about what I think about poverty.

Northern Saskatchewan- This a page about Northern Saskatchewan that I made.

Magazine Cover- This is the cover page for my Saskatchwan Magazine.


Math About Me- This page is about me.


Saskatchewan Geography- This is a page about Saskatchewan's Geography.


2008 Science Fair Web Site- This is a website that I made about my 2008 Science Fair.

Science Fair Presentation Voice File- This is a voice file that I made about my Science Fair. It could also be found on my Science Fair website 

Physical Education

Fitness Tests - These are two of my fitness tests that my class had done in P.E.

Grade Eight

Language Arts

Two Were Left - In this, the teacher read the start of a story and we had to finish it. It's about a boy and his dog who were by themselves and tried to survive on an iceberg.

Practical Applied Arts (P.A.A.)

Echo Valley Provincial Park Brochure - This is a brochure I made about Echo Valley Provincial Park.

Social Studies

Chart About Federal Election - This is a chart we made about the Canadian Federal Election.

PhotoStory- This is a photo story that I made about my Heritage Fair topic, The Saskatchewan Roughriders.


Science Internet Assignment - This is an assignment we had to do and we had to use the internet to do it.


Letter to a Nut - This is a letter we had to write to a person who is a little crazy, but we had act professional about it.

Wanted - This is a wanter poster we had to make about someones body and someone elses head.