CD-100 LaserStar

Make: Rowe
Model: CD-100 LaserStar
Year: March 1990
CD-100 PRODUCTION 1989-1991
Originally sold new for $8,000.00+- this one had everything installed.

This is my Rowe CD-100 barn find. The jukebox was externally sound, I checked the jukebox and everything was there, nothing was missing. This was a excellent restoration project, a lot of work to remove the dirt inside and outside. The lock was jammed, and the door was not latched allowing dirt/dust to enter the interior of the jukebox. The locks were damaged, I sourced new Rowe locks, with the Rowe logo on the keys. The jukebox has eight hundred thousand plays, owned by a jukebox rental since it was new.


The prices are changed and the plays are adjusted. The prices had a issue with bleed through from under the old numbers, however I was able to overcome the problem.  

A 100% Authentic CD-100 jukebox no cut corners, no butchered wiring, everything is exactly factory correct down to the authentic Rowe keys and locks.