Modern Day Slavery

 I am a machinist, with no contact with the public. I was at work every day, always met or exceeded production expectations, and had a perfect safety record. The company has a "drug free workplace" policy and does "random" drug testing. These tests are usually conducted quarterly. Company policy states that if an employee tests positive on a drug test they can go through treatment and not lose their job. After completing treatment they will be tested every month for a year. Two years ago I failed a "random" test. I started treatment, but after two months I was laid off. My insurance ran out and no longer went to treatment. I was recalled to work after 8 months. I was never asked about treatment and no testing was done for a year. That makes a total of one year and 10 months with no testing. I am "randomly" picked again along with four others. They leave the test hanging out on the front door awaiting the courier and it is stolen. They call the five that had been tested into the office 3 days later and basically accuse 1 of us of calling someone and instructing them to steal the package. No one would admit to it, they threatened to send us to the hospital for hair follicle testing. We talked to the police, was retested then returned to work. Three days go by and they wouldn't allow one employee that was tested to clock in until he showed proof that he was in treatment. I went to work as usual, so I figured my results were good. The following day after working for fifteen minutes I was called to the office. I was told that my test result was positive and I was terminated. I pleaded and explained that I did not do drugs at work, I did not bring drugs to work and while I was at work I gave 100% and when I clocked out I expected to have 100% of my time to do as I choose. I told them that I was never impaired or under the influence of drugs while at work. I was told that it was illegal. I asked why it was their responsibility to be law enforcement. The response was that it was company policy. I told them that I never had the chance to complete treatment like company policy states. I was told to get my tools, and escorted off of their property.

  I feel that my privacy was invaded, they had no reason to test me and I was told that there was no problem with my work. I don't think the "random" test was random at all. I don't think they should have handled my SS number, name and DNA in such a negligent manner, allowing it to be stolen. Then shifting the blame over to me, making me sound like a criminal. I never violated the "Drug Free Workplace" policy because I never consumed, carried, or was under the influence of drugs while at work. I feel I was wrongfully terminated, because I was doing my job, in a satisfactory manner every minute of every day that I was paid for. My employer cannot expect his policies to still be enforced at a time that I am not being compensated for. If my wages are not equal to, or greater than minimum wage x 168 I think an employer would be in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. There are 168 hours in a week. If an employer is going to make me adhere to a policy that places a burden upon me, restricts my freedom and my pursuit of happiness, I had better be receiving compensation for my time.