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Guile Reynolds

History and Eruption
Guile Reynolds is the astranged son of eccentric billionare and Congressman Arlan Reynolds. In his college years, he learned Cantonese, earned a degree in forest ecology, got job as forest ranger and moved to Northern California. Spending most of his time in the woods, he developed a hermit complex.
Reynolds was around 30 years old when he erupted on the night of April 20, 1999. He came upon some shady figures in the woods. When he approached them in his jeep, they jumped in their vehicle and drove Reynolds off the road, where he crashed into a fence and took a large medal rod through the chest. He pulled it out, performed some first aid, and made it back to his cabin. He healed by the next morning.
He refused all job offers from nova-specific companies like Utopia and DeVries and continued his job while competing in Ironman competitions. Over the next two years he took up SCUBA diving and even climbed Mount Everest unassisted.
Shaolin Monk
In February of 2001, Reynolds dormed down and took an airplane to Hong Kong. He spent a few months each at the Kwantung Shaolin (Snake), Omeishan Shaolin (Crane), Henan Shaolin ("The" Temple), Fukien (praying mantis, snake, dragon, and Wing Chun) and Wutang (Tiger) Temples, traveling between the temples on foot, using his nova powers of survival. While meditating in Kwantung, Reynolds observed one of Ed's aberration transformations as a large splash in the quantum sea.
From December 2002 to March 2003, Reynolds traveled by land and by sea to Pyongyong, North Korea, where he spent the next two years learning the Korean language and Hai Dong Gumdo, reaching 3rd belt.

XWF and Capsule Group
In April 2005, Reynolds returned from his training in Korea and rented a studio apartment in Milan, New Hampshire. In July he took part in a state Martial Arts competition in New Hampshire, then joined the XWF Silver Circle as Raem. Drake and Raem faced off in the preliminary rounds; Raem appreciated Drake's skill and gave him his contact information. Later that month, Drake contacted Raem and the two had a sparring match in the ocean.
That October, Max Steel attended Raem's fight for second place in the XWF Silver Circle and extended a training offer to him. In exchange for training aboard Avalon, Reynolds was assigned guardianship of the base. At the same time, Abd-al Karim Cimmaron extended a Cobra Club invitation.
In February 2006 Raem challenged La Araña for the XWF Silver Circle Championship and won. Afterwards, Steel invited Reynolds to The Loft for free drinks. Reynolds proceeded to drink countless other patrons under the table.

In June, while Reynolds was training on Avalon, Steel returned to challenge him. While Guile did not win, he held his own against Max's assault, managing to survive a barrage of portal-driven weapons without a scratch. He spent the next week reflecting on the fight and preparing for the next one.

On October 10, Raem challenged his first opponent in the Red Circle and won. From then through April 2007, Raem continued to defend his XWF Silver Circle belt while competing in the Red Circle. In between fights he trained at the Capsule Group's facility and Avalon. On May 5, Melinda Guzman challenged Raem for the XWF Silver Circle Championship, and won by a landslide. Reynolds was in the infirmary for a week before regaining conscousness.
Alternate Realities

In November 2006 Reynolds test-drove his new power, Crosstime Travel. Inspired by some comics he viewed earlier that year, he took Capsule Group members Ed and Bishop to a world where the most powerful of the ancient empires (Greece-Rome, Mongolia and Germania-Scandinavia) rule the world. Upon their return, they began learning ancient Latin.
On November 19, he took Ed and Steel back to the world of empires. Steel used a wormhole to transport Reynolds to Australia, where he took over several Roman military bases and declared the continent his own. Days later, he traveled to Mongol-occupied China, where he intimidated the regional Khan into respecting him and got treasure and a scholar on retainer.
After a few days, Reynolds returned to his home reality with a book on the Mongolian language in the world of empires. He asked his Capsule allies to use their connections to obtain literature on science and technology not developed in the alternate world. He then contracted a nova linguist to translate the literature into alternate-world-Mongolian.
Throughout the next several months, the group members made various return trips to the empire reality. during which Guile built up Mongolia's might with the science and technology of his home reality.

Retirement and the Reynoldson Academy
During 2007, Reynolds developed a new power of time travel. In November Reynolds and one of Ed's long-term clones transported a revised Cerebro device and computer database to 1507. After installing it in the cave that will be Cimmaron's future sanctum, Reynolds and the clone remained in the past for the full 500 years. During this time, 'Ancient Ed' mentored Reynolds in the practice of Chrysalis.
Upon catching up with 2007, Guile retired from the XWF and founded an academy in the Netherlands. This academy would be an advanced technical college on the surface, and a nova training facility underneath. Capsule Group supplied the academy with a Cerebro-like device capable of determining a nova's potential in order to aid Professor Reynolds with direction and guidence.
Guile Reynolds
Nova aliases
Beast, Raem
Nova (Homo sapiens novus), a.k.a. Eximorph
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Formerly New York City, New York;
Milan, New Hampshire;
Pyongyong, Korea;
Northern California
Wildlife Science (B.S.)
Founder and Headmaster, Reynoldson Academy
Formerly XWF Wrestler (as Raem), Forest Ranger
Reynoldson Academy; Capsule Group; Bishop Consulting; XWF; US Forest Service
Arlan Reynolds
Known powers
Mega strength
Mega stamina (resistance, rapid regeneration)
Crosstime Travel
Time Travel
Temporal Manipulation

 Guile c.2008