Welcome to the myRemote. 

Simply the best remote control for Windows Media Center available for android devices. 

Install Instruction
• Download the app from the Android Market. 
• Download the setup file below and run the installer.
• Right click the myRemote icon in the taskbar to find your Media IP number. 
• Type that IP number into the settings page and your done. 

Now all you need to do is hit the Green Media Center button. 

Perfect for TV, videos and music

Includes   TrackPad Control Keyboard and Voice input 
Press trackball to paste text.

For users with no trackball use myRemote Donate.   Keyboard is modified to not require trackball.
Also use the trackball to drag the mouse in the Donate Version.

Server updates for snapshots and record 21 May 2010.
Snapshots go to clipboard for pasting.  Full Screen Black registry fix here.

New and improved keyboard in myRemote Donate. 4 August 2010.
Hit Record once for episode, twice for series, three times to stop recording.

Support Development by using "myRemote Donate" on the market. 

myRemote Download

Run setup.msi Installer

Requires 32bit Java, available here.

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