Abdullah Al Mahmud

Post-doctorial Research Fellow:  Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
  • Key Research Projects and Achievements:
Engineered polymer backbone to achieve desired morphological properties in polymeric assemblies (cylindrical micelles, vesicles and novel ring micelles) 

Investigated potential of polymeric assemblies for drug delivery applications; encapsulation of anticancer drugs, HPLC assay, in vitro Cytotoxicity study and in vivo assessment with tumor bearing mice model

Investigated the aersolization of of worm micelles and possible application for pulmonary delivery and the delivery of agrochemicals to plant

Skilled in bioconjugate chemistry to develop fluorescently labeled polymers for in vitro and in vivo imaging and analysis.
Ph.D research student:  University of Alberta, Canada
  • Designed and engineered synthetic polymeric biomaterials and utilized novel polymer chemistry and molecular pharmaceutics to overcome the delivery obstacle for potential therapeutic drug molecules suffering from poor formulation and related toxicity.

Investigated the cellular internalization mechanisms of polymeric assemblies by cancer cells; evaluated their biocompatibility and biodegradability; assessed drug-polymer compatibility to enhance solubilization and controlled pattern of drug release.

Undergraduate Studies:  University of Dhaka