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Curriculum: Discovery Science 9 Level

The First Year High School Science course is an integrated science course incorporating various topics: Matter, Changes in Matter, Nuclear Reactions, The Formation of the Universe, Scientific Process, Measurements, Motion, Newton's Laws of Motion, Work-Power-Energy, Heat and Temperature.

Nanotechnology can be incorporated during various topics throughout the year.
  • Matter:  size verses properties
    • The size of atoms
    • Atoms can be "seen"
  • Nuclear Reactions: Social issues with technology
    • Forces found within atoms
    • Fission vs. Fusion
  • Formation of the Universe:  Nano sunscreen products
  • Scientific Process: linking science and technology together: Nanotechnology: the technology of the 21st century
  • Measurements:  Nano units
    • Volume vs Area
  • Motion and Newton's laws:  Gravitational forces vs. Electromagnetic forces at the nanoscale
  • Heat and Temperature
    • Nano-particles can have different behaviors when heated.

Myra Doughty,
Jul 27, 2011, 1:18 PM