Click on the links and sites to learn more about the RET-NANO program, the research I participated in, the people I worked with, and the lessons plans and the outreach projects I plan on incorporating into the school year.


RET-NANO:  Research Experiences for Teachers in the area of Nanotechnology at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania

Objectives from the program:
  • Gain hands-on  experience working in a research laboratory
  • Learn about cutting edge field of nontechnology and develop lesson plans for the classroom
  • Participate in a variety of professional development activities during the academic year
  • Learn what goes into a winning grant proposal

Prof. Dennis Discher University of Pennsylvania: Biophysical Engineering and Nanobiopolymer lab in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Myra-Lynn's RET 2010: Research experience on diblock copolymers

Special Thanks for making this possible: