My Prompt is a java utility plug-in for eclipse, which can be used to know or test java environment features. However it is not a tool which provides complete information about java. The tool just tries to help/provide utilities which may be required during java software development. It is like a terminal based application wherein you can avail the utility features provided by the tool.

My Prompt is a free to use plug-in for Eclipse IDE 3.5 or later and JRE 1.6.


1. Execute Native Command Line Applications (Pipe is not supported)
2. Test Java Regular Expression
3. Test Java Database Connectivity
4. Check the Eclipse Memory State
5. Release the Unused Memory Space by GC
6. Check the Currently Running Threads and Its State
7. Check the all the Loaded Packages (Eclipse Main and System)
8. Find the Running Bundles and Available Plug-in Jars
9. Check the Class Structure and Class File Structure
10. And, other Utilities


Version 1.0.0 - 30-June-2010

Update Site

Eclipse 3.5 Update Site - http://sourceforge.net/projects/myprompt/files/


You can avail the view from Window->Show View->Other View->My Prompt