"Not your cookie cutter franchise!"

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he “laboratories” where the prototypes for future WISR Co-op Franchises products and services will be conceived up, designed, produced, and enhanced. WISR Creations team consists of experts, technicians, scientists, engineers, architects, artists, innovators, and contractors who take on the responsibility for conceptualizing, designing, creating, and enhancing the initial “model” products and services to be produced, distributed, and sold at WISR Co-op Franchises. All members will hold shares of WISR Creations.

PII’s Maps of Change team of cartographers strategically market products and services to global areas that both need and demand the products, thus avoiding over- and underproduction.

WISR Creations motto reads “Global Brand, Local Flavor.” Unlike most global franchise chains, no two WISR Co-op Franchises will be the same. Although all franchises will distribute and sell WISR Creations retail products, franchisees will design and decorate their storefronts, market their products, and present themselves to the public in a way that is unique to their own personalities and cultural backgrounds. For example, all WISR brand restaurants will use the same high-quality, organic, fair-trade ingredients in their cuisine, but their individual menus will reflect the talents, preferences, and cultural backgrounds of individual WISR Co-op Franchisees. Like the greater natural environment, WISR Co-op Franchisees will celebrate endless, mind-inspiring diversity.


WISR Creations is a diversified corporation of six main subsidiaries operating internationally and across the globe.

WISR NOURISH is a subsidiary of WISR Creations that deals with both “the four C’s” of food production”—cultivation, commodification, consumption, and composting—as well as air and water pollution restoration processes. Products will include not only food and air restoration goods and services, but also the equipment needed to grow, prepare, distribute, and sell the products. A WISR Co-op franchisee may choose to open up a produce stand, a garden supplies shop, a café/restaurant, a health food store, an air or water purifier distribution center, a green house, or an organic farm. When conducting trade with independent farmers, vegetation and meats will meet certified organic, fair-trade, and “freshness” standards.

WISR  ENTERTAINMENTS is a subsidiary of WISR Creations that provides healthy, enjoyable sources of entertainment that simultaneously promote mental, physical and spiritual growth and creativity and having a great time! A WISR Co-op franchisee may choose to open up a music supplies shop, a sporting goods store, an activity-specific learning center, a dance club, a sound recording studio, a theater, video gaming arcade, or any other entertainment facility imaginable.

WISR  DESIGNS is a subsidiary of WISR Creations that provides adequate, effective, and safe housing, transportation, textiles, and other technologies essential for human survival and comfort. A WISR Co-op franchisee may choose to open up an alternative fuel station, a natural clothing production facility, an alternative housing production plant, a chemistry lab, or any retail store which sells WISR Creation’s technological products and services.

WISR  COMMUNICATIONS is a subsidiary of WISR Creations that provides both non-technological and technological communication solutions that harmoniously connect individuals and communities across the globe. Examples of WISR Co-op Franchises which are designed to produce and distribute non-technological communication solutions include foreign language tutorial centers, Braille and foreign language translator services, publishing companies, book stores, and magazines. Examples of technological communications co-ops include companies that create, manufacture, and sell computer hardware/software, telephones, internet, and private-sector postal mail services.

WISR LEARNING is an educational facility that not only provides exercise of the mind, body, and spirit, but prepares students for the many roles and tasks of operating WISR Co-op Franchises. By setting up, running, and maintaining WISR Learning centers throughout the world, a team of “expert-instructors” in the age-appropriated activities offered provide the education necessary to bring about the success of Project Integrity International.
WISR HEALING centers, dispersed throughout PII’s market zones, will provide affordable therapy plans tailored to the unique healing needs of individuals and communities. WISR Healing utilizes many traditional and modern healing techniques in conjunction to address the many various health problems affecting individuals and communities. Psychotherapists, massage therapists, surgeons, herbalists, psychiatrists, psychics, and other healers of both eastern and western traditions will open WISR Co-op Franchise healing centers across the globe.