WISR Co-op FRANCHISES simultaneously promote business “efficacy, efficiency, and equality.” As a franchise, WISR Co-op Franchises can maximize efficacy by spreading far and fast across nations and continents. Two features unique to franchise businesses that foster their rapid growth are their “brand name” familiarity to consumers who seek pre-assured high quality and their popularity as achieved through wide-scale advertising and word-of-mouth. As sustainable businesses, WISR Co-op Franchises place strong emphasis on providing goods and services that foster environmental and human health. In doing so, WISR Co-op Franchises maximize efficiency by minimizing wasteful production procedures and discouraging addictive consumer habits. Finally, as co-ops, WISR Co-op Franchisees will enjoy equal access to profit earning, skill-building, and decision-making opportunities. In addition to earning profits generated by their franchise businesses, franchisees will be issued shares in the greater PII establishment. The WISR Co-op Franchise opportunity is open to persons of all ages, races, nationalities, sexual orientations, professions, and genders who successfully complete the WISR Co-op Franchise application, training, and intern program.

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