lthough economic policies vary within and between nations, all countries, states, and cites across the world have legal regulations over all business entities. WISR®Co-op Franchises, as an international chain, must meet the economic regulations, codes, and policies at municipal, state, and federal levels of jurisdiction. Because many franchisees participating in PII will not have business educations, knowledge, and know-how, PII provides the team of experts and professionals to provide assistance with administrative tasks. Importantly, because franchise businesses use uniform training manuals and other legal documents, PII will drastically cut costly administration needs, and thus, avoid getting caught in sticky red tape that trap so many entrepreneurs.  Project Integrity International Headquarters branches will exist in convenient, central locations throughout PII’s market zones across the world.


WISR ASSEMBLY team members will work both at PII Headquarters and out in the field. WISR Assembly is made up of nine units, each set up, operated, and maintained by team members.

While individual franchisees do their own accounting, file their own taxes, and track their own cash flow, the WISR ACCOUNTING team provides assistance with and training for WISR Co-op franchisees that are unskilled at such tasks. WISR Accounting also deals with the flow of capital and owner stocks for the larger PII establishment.

WISR REALTY is a team of real estate agents that procure the land and property where WISR Co-op Franchises will be opened and operated. In addition, WISR real estate agents will be available to assist franchisees with the purchasing and refinancing of their personal property.

WISR INSURANCE is a team of insurance brokers that will ensure that all franchises hold the right kinds of insurance policies legally required to protect franchisees and their clients in the case of accidents, lawsuits, and natural disasters. 

WISR MARKETING is a team of marketers and advertisers who will devise and implement effective promotional plans for popularizing WISR products and services, design television, radio, internet, and print ads, and conduct the market research necessary to make WISR Co-op Franchises a success.

MAPS OF CHANGE consists of a team of expert geographers, cartographers, researchers and statisticians who design and continually update and archive a series of maps that will be used to plot out where WISR Co-op Franchises will be demanded, permitted and patronized.

WISR TRAINING is a team of educators who will teach, train, and coach future franchisees how to most effectively operate their businesses. All aspects of owning and operating a business will be taught, such as accounting, bookkeeping, customer service skills, advertising, and human resources.

WISR LAW is a team of attorneys who will take care of the legal aspects of both PII and individual franchises, such as acquiring business licenses, incorporation processes, and other legal aspects of owning and operating businesses.

WISR  TECHNICAL, a team of engineers, computer tech specialists, web developers and other technological experts who assist PII’s franchisees with all the technical aspects of owning and operating their businesses.

Although PII is structured to ensure fairness and harmony between franchisees, consumers, and others, interpersonal problems are inevitable. WISR® MEDIATION is a team of conflict resolution mediators who will provide counseling services for franchisees who are experiencing difficulties in their professional relationships.

In addition to the nine teams of PII, external bankers and investors will manage and precipitate money transfer, loans, and grants.

The nine teams of WISR Assembly will work separately and together to help franchisees make the most of their businesses, and thus, make PII a success.