Maps of Change
plots out the twelve FOUNDATIONS necessary to satisfy the Six Universal Concerns of human existence. The main objective of Maps of Change is to reveal where WISR Co-op Franchises are demanded, permitted, and needed, preventing both scarcity and redundancy of WISR Co-op Franchise storefronts in any given locality.

Maps of Change are drawn up by   a team of expert cartographers,    geographers, and statisticians who work in collabor- ation to continually revise and update the maps for present and future reference.

Maps of Change begins with a thorough exam- ination of both the perceived false “myth barriers” and true “actual barriers” to making positive changes within our communities and environments. Myth barriers are popular false beliefs and ideas that barricade human beings from solving problems and improving their world. Actual barriers are the actual causes of the problems facing human be- ings. Widely held myths about our environments and world blind us to what is really going on, and thus, inhibit our motivation and ability to effectively address our problems.

Geographical Maps plot out the raw and refined resources available across the globe to satisfy the critical basic needs of healthy air, clean water, nutritious food, and climate-appropriate clothing. One set of maps examines where the world’s food can be “cultivated, commodified, consumed, and composted” effectively and affordably. A second set of maps traces both clean air and contaminated air, revealing where restoration and anti-pollution measures must be taken to provide breathable air for humans and ecosystem. Geographical Maps dispel the myth-barrier of scarcity, or the belief that the world has a shortage of vital resources with which to feed, clothe, and house the world’s population. Geographical Maps proves that the world has more than enough resources to feed, clothe, and house all human beings. By revealing that the true barrier—misallocation of resources—is the root cause of human starvation and malnutrition, Geographical Maps restores hope to the very people who will utilize the maps to manifest abundance in their communities and beyond.

Political Maps plot out both the supply-demand determined zones and the politically controlled zones within all types of governments that will prove inviting or inhibitive to the establishment and success of WISR Co-op Franchises. Political Maps dispel the myth of independence as pedaled by the propagandist mechanisms of so-called democratic states, pop culture, and mainstream media. By shedding light on oppressive and obsolete policies—the root cause of political, cultural, and economic stagnation—Political Maps plot out zones where WISR Co-op Franchises will be both demanded by consumers and permitted by the written laws and cultural mores of any given locality.

Technological Maps plot out the innovations and inventions available across the globe necessary to satisfy the critical need of sturdy, safe, and affordable housing, transportation, agricultural tools, textiles, fuels, and other critical technologies. A series of maps examines and pinpoints not only where housing, transportation, and other critical technologies are needed, but what kinds of structures make sense in differing geographical, economic, and cultural “climates”; where the current industries are growing or stagnating; and where alternative, more effective innovations are being popularized. Technological Maps dispel the myth of technological progress—or the illusion that technological advancement is the greatest measure of human success. Rather, Technological Maps proves that the true barrier—technological ignorance characterized by misuse, overuse, and unnecessary production of needless, harmful technologies—is the root cause of environmental pollution and human injury. Technological Maps plot out the path to the next wave of industrialization that is designed to preserve the natural environment, maintain human safety, and provide vital necessities.

Population Maps plot out the franchisees and consumers available across the globe that are interested in owning and patronizing WISR Co-op Franchises. By knowing where WISR Co-op Franchises will be permitted, accepted and patronized by local target markets, time, money, resources and energy will not be foolishly squandered where franchises do not prove popular or profitable. Population Maps dispels the myth of overpopulation, that is, that there are too many people to sustainably support. On the contrary, Population Maps proves that the true barrier—maldistribution of population as caused by poor communication systems and ineffective community layout—is the root cause of unemployment and underemployment. Population Maps plot out where community restoration efforts must take place for the effective functioning of WISR Co-op Franchises.

Historical Maps plot out past and present economic trends and events that foster or inhibit healthy economic growth throughout the world. Tracking political, cultural, and economic phenomena, these maps reveal where and why ineffective, unhealthy and stagnant circumstances happen to individuals, communities, and nations. Historical Maps dispel the myth of freedom—which is enjoyed by a privileged few and denied to many. Conversely, Historical Maps argues that the true barrier—maladaptive personal and collective habits as learned from ignorant parenting strategies, stale education systems and popular media—is the root cause of repeating unhealthy trends. Historical Maps plot the path to an innovative educational framework necessary to continually maintain and enhance cultural, political, and economic systems to be utilized by present and future generations.

Cosmological Maps, by examining “energy into matter” processes, plot out the current creation and reproduction processes dominating major industries across the globe. By analyzing and understanding how factories, laboratories, and other types of production facilities operate, these maps will allow us to model effective production methods that benefit WISR Co-op franchisees and consumers while rejecting those that prove useless, obsolete, or injurious. Cosmological Maps dispels the myth of order—which is little more than an illusion produced by neat rows of assembly line workers. Conversely, Cosmological Maps reveal the actual barrier—the chaotic mayhem characterizing many factory plants that lead to pollution, waste, and a general sense of meaningless on the job. Cosmological Maps will lay the foundation for safe, meaningful production and distribution of WISR brand products and services.

Maps of Change will not only be used by expert scientists and business administrators participating in Project Integrity International but will be presented on as educational tools for all visitors to PII’s website.