When asked about my inspiration for the envisioning of Project Integrity International, I answer with the rhetorical question, “What isn’t my inspiration?”

I find such a question to be very peculiar, and perhaps it is my personal understanding that at the center of the human experience lies the drive to seek a purpose greater than oneself. Perhaps the materialistic, superficial understanding of society and world that I witnessed throughout my life left me feeling emotionally hollow, mentally blank, spiritually starved. Perhaps it was that which uninspired me that inspired me. An equally relevant question has been asked, “Who inspired me?”  The answer? Everyone! Famous persons who have accomplished great, humanitarian feats as well as the unknown among us who have been the quiet helpers and healers in their daily lives. Because the PII vision is premised on two concepts, I will mention the great humanitarian
architect who coined the terms, Buckminster Fuller. He not only envisioned and invented housing structures designed to protect their inhabitants from natural disasters, but expressed deeply in his writings the importance of “synergy” and “ephemeralization.” Synergy means the creation of a whole greater than the sum of its parts.   He coined the term Ephemeralization, which is the ability of technological advancement to do "more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing.”  Project Integrity International was built upon these two principals, as it is ever so critical to match the rapidly accelerating pace of planetary degradation with equally ambitious restorative efforts in an “empheralizative” approach. PII, being an all-inclusive enterprise that invites all peoples and professions to participate in the manifestation process of its vision, celebrates a global community that will be ever so greater and grander than the sum of its parts.  Many great thinkers, activists, and innovators have stressed these critical concepts throughout the ages, and it is the goal of PII to maximize synergy and ephemeralization in its  own approach.